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SD dale
Dentist (Durango & Mancos)

Dale G. Strietzel DDS

There is a lot to be said for the practice of holistic dentistry in Durango. In this fast-paced age of specialization, we tend to view dimensions of our health separately. We see a dentist for our teeth, a podiatrist for our feet, and other particular practitioners for specific aspects or parts of our body. While there is value in narrowing focus to a specific detail or system in the body, often what is lost is the interrelated whole. Our teeth do not exist separately from our digestion, our skeletal system, or our entire cellular environment. Each sub-system is an integral part of the whole. Affect one area and you affect everything. Sometimes these effects are subtle and we might not be fully aware of them as they progress, but they are always operating, adjusting, and changing in every moment of our lives.
Dr. Strietzel has continued to broaden his knowledge and expertise through memberships in many dental organizations and through participation in advanced continuing education programs, including Dr. Huggins training in safe mercury removal. His philosophy has always been to treat his patients as individuals, with the greatest respect, and to do so in a warm and caring manner.
At least once or twice a year, Dr. Strietzel travels on dental missions to bring quality dental care to those without services. He has served children and families in Guatemala, Mexico, Romania, Africa, Ukraine, Peru, and India. Dale also serves in local charity programs and participates in the “Give Kids A Smile” program.
Dr. Strietzel is married, has five children, and eleven grandchildren. He enjoys hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, gardening, x-country skiing, reading, and overseas mission trips.
SD cynthia
Hygiene (Durango & Mancos)

Cynthia Bell

Cyndy has been a hygienist for 38 years, 24 of which were in Durango (as of 2019). She has a particular interest in whole-body health as it supports dental health. She teaches dental hygiene in elementary schools and volunteers her services for children in need. She enjoys skiing, horseback riding and traveling. She is married with four children, and seven grandchildren.
SD carolyn
Front Office Admin (Mancos & Durango)

Carolyn Chandler

Carolyn has been a dental assistant in Mancos and Durango for the last 15 years. She has been the front office administrator for ten years. Carolyn has lived in Dolores, Colorado for her whole life. She loves to camp, hunt, fish and horseback ride. She is married and has two children and four grandchildren.
SD toni
Dental Assistant (Durango & Mancos)

Toni Schubkegel

Toni has been a dental assistant for over 20 years and specializes in orthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry and general practice. She has trained with Huggins for special mercury removal protocols to minimize mercury exposure and create a healthy process for both patients and caregivers. She has lived in Durango since 2002, and enjoys hiking, skiing, and camping. She is married with two children.
SD Cheryl Bichard
Front Desk and Sleep Medicine Coordinator

Cheryl Birchard

Cheryl joined the Sunrise Dentistry team in Spring of 2015 to work the front desk. She has since been trained to screen patients for sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea and she assists patients in determining the best treatment options for treating sleep apnea. In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys vegetable gardening, singing, playing an array of musical instruments and just about anything creative. She is currently exploring ways to vegetable garden in the winter.