SD Dental Anxiety - 9 Ways to Stop Your Fear of the Dentist

Dental Anxiety: 9 Ways to Stop Your Fear of the Dentist

Do you fear to visit a dentist? Perhaps your kids are anxious too about dental checkups? You are not alone. Dental anxiety is extremely common. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of people in the US are afraid of a dentist. This prevents them from getting proper dental care and the consequences may …

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SD A Patient’s Guide to A Routine Dental Checkup

A Patient’s Guide to A Routine Dental Checkup

Having to visit a dentist every 6 months may not be the appointment that everyone is excited about. But have you ever wondered why experts made this recommendation? A dental exam is crucial for the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. If oral health problems are left untreated, they can result in serious health complications. …

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SD How to Handle Broken Braces

How to Handle Broken Braces

Orthodontic treatment can do so much more than simply straightening your teeth for a more beautiful smile. Braces also improve your oral health. Unfortunately, while they are incredibly durable and are meant to last for the extent of your treatment, under certain circumstances, you may have to deal with a broken bracket or wire. How Do …

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