SD Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Causes, Signs, and Prevention Tips

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Causes, Signs, and Prevention Tips

Baby bottle tooth decay refers to presence of cavities on baby teeth caused by prolonged milk bottle use. If not treated properly, it can cause teeth loosening. You should know how important baby teeth are for chewing and speech development; they also affect the alignment of permanent teeth. A lack of attention to your baby’s …

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SD Your First Dental Check Up with Dr. Strietzel

Your First Dental Check Up with Dr. Strietzel

Most of us regularly make a dentist appointment to have our teeth cleaned and checked, as it is recommended that we do this once every six months. Once a year, the exam should include a set of bitewing x-rays, which help to identify decay between the teeth. Patients who are under treatment for gum issues, …

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SD Foods to Eat for Cavity Prevention

Foods to Eat for Cavity Prevention

Admit it or not, we all love eating food. It’s one of the little joys we have in life. People eat to celebrate. Some eat when their stressed while others eat when they are sad. Whatever the case may be, food always helps us relax and enjoy life. However, what we sometimes forget is that …

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SD How Do You Prevent Pacifier Teeth

How Do You Prevent Pacifier Teeth?

Whether or not you allow your baby to use a pacifier is a hard decision, especially if you are a new parent. Are pacifiers bad for teeth? Definitely no! If you have seen a baby contentedly sucking on one, you will never doubt the benefits of its use, and medical experts would not even argue. …

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SD How to Care for Children's Teeth

How to Care for Children’s Teeth

Brushing children’s teeth is important for many reasons. Primary or baby teeth help straighten their jaw, hold the space for permanent teeth, and play a significant role in how they learn to talk, chew, and smile. Having healthy children’s teeth also helps with confidence in school and other social activities. Following dental care tips to …

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SD An Overview of Cosmetic Dentistry

An Overview of Cosmetic Dentistry

At Sunrise Dentistry, Dr. Strietzel and his assistants strive to accomplish beautiful, high functioning, and healthy dentistry for all of our patients. When we are protecting the life of a molar with a crown, filling a cavity to meet both restorative and aesthetic goals, or helping a patient get back their smile, we want the …

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