SD Toothbrush Storage Tips and Ideas

Toothbrush Storage: Tips and Ideas

Before we go about our daily tasks and responsibilities, the first thing we do is go to the bathroom to wash our face and brush our teeth. These two activities are done out of habit, that’s why we place our toothbrush and face wash on the places we can easily reach like the sink or …

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SD 8 Tips for Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

8 Tips for Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

Our teeth are covered with a strong coating of enamel, which plays a critical role in protecting them from cavities and discomfort. And although it’s one of the hardest substances in the human body, our enamel is pretty fragile. Several things, from the food we eat to the amount of force we exert when brushing, …

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SD Holiday Treats - Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth

Holiday Treats: Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth

Christmas is just around the corner, and the children are probably getting more excited by the day! Aside from gifts, they are also looking forward to all those holiday treats like candies! Curious about the best and worst candy for your teeth? Read on to learn more. Candy and Teeth We all know that too …

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SD 7 Teething Tips Parents Should Know

7 Teething Tips Parents Should Know

What is teething? Medically known as odontiasis, teething is the process of a baby’s teeth coming out through their gum line. At this point, the baby experiences pain and suffering that may cause them difficulty eating and sleeping. Not being able to speak clearly, babies can’t speak up about their discomfort; it’s up to the …

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