SD 5 Tips for How to Fix Teeth Gap Without Braces

5 Tips for How to Fix Teeth Gap Without Braces

Smiles are the best first impression builders. However, some people may not have the confidence to put out their radiant smiles because of gaps in between their teeth. We understand; gaps are the worst! Luckily, gaps are not permanent as there are several ways to fix a gap in teeth. While dental braces are good …

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SD 5 Bad Oral Health Habits That Greatly Affects Your Smile

5 Bad Oral Health Habits That Greatly Affect Your Smile

We all know that oral hygiene is important in keeping our teeth clean, healthy, and good-looking. However, for most of us, we can’t deny that we have some involuntary habits that adversely impact our oral health. Apart from the obvious damage that these bad oral health habits have on your teeth and your smile, they …

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SD Facts and Tips Dry Mouth

Facts and Tips: Dry Mouth

All of us have surely experienced having a dry mouth at some point in our lives. In fact, dry mouth is one of the most common oral health problems. Unfortunately for some, dry mouth has become a chronic problem that affects several aspects of their daily lives. Apart from its obvious physical effects, dry mouth …

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SD Dental First Aid Kit Importance and Tips

Dental First Aid Kit: Importance and Tips

In almost every home, there is a first aid kit kept in a safe place for emergencies. We want to keep our families safe all the time, but what about dental first aid kits? Tooth trauma and emergencies are just as important as any other physical emergency you may experience. If a dental emergency happens …

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