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Medicinal Plants: Are They Good for Your Teeth?

Medicinal plants are often regarded as the primary component of alternative medicine. Once again, they are placed in the spotlight as holistic dentistry looks at the philosophies of traditional medicine and aims to promote organic cures. The emphasis on medicinal plants’ use has always been prevention and treatment. Many studies have been conducted on the …

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cute kid losing his first tooth

Why Missing Teeth Is Dangerous

All of us want to have beautiful smiles. Having a complete set of teeth until we grow old is ideal. But, certain circumstances can cause us to lose a tooth. Children losing their baby teeth is normal, and it’s a proud moment for parents. But parents and other adults losing their teeth? Not so much. …

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Dental Insurance Money. Dentist Service Desk And Implant Money

Bizarre Dental Facts You Need to Know

Teeth are a fascinating part of human anatomy. They are an integral part of the digestive system that breaks down food into smaller pieces, making it easier for the stomach to digest. Teeth are also an important part of speech. The teeth, lips, and tongue control the air flowing out of the mouth to create …

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Teeth whitening procedure

The Dangers of TikTok’s Teeth Shaving Trend

And to relieve some of their boredom, many turned to TikTok for entertainment. Once known as Musical.ly, TikTok is a social media app that allows users to share short videos on any topic. It offers users a variety of sounds, song snippets, special effects, and filters they can use in creating their videos. Its relatable …

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