SD-Battleship dentist room

Dentistry in World War II

Your teeth are the very least of your priorities when you’re out in the front. History has made us aware of the many conditions and diseases soldiers faced and suffered on an insufficiently supplied frontline. Just as they suffered through shell shock, tropical diseases, and frostbite, soldiers also experienced tooth pain. It may seem insignificant, …

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SD-Smiling pretty teenage girl with dental braces

The Dental Benefits of Milk and Dairy

Is milk good for your teeth? The short answer? Yes. Milk and other dairy products are some of the best foods for teeth and overall health. By definition, milk is a fluid secreted by female mammals that nourish their young. The most common milk humans consume comes from cows and goats. Milk is rich in …

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SD-Closeup on hands squeezing toothpaste on brush

Toothpaste Ingredients: The Good and the Bad

How does one choose toothpaste? The many varieties and brands of toothpaste make it confusing and overwhelming to choose one. We often hear “four out of five dentists agree” or “nine out of ten dentists agree” about toothpaste in ads. Most brands on the toothpaste aisle also put these in their advertisements, making it more …

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SD-Healthy smile and doing mewing practice

What You Need to Know About Mewing

Few people have naturally straight teeth, but many desire them. However, achieving perfectly straight teeth is expensive, leading people to try solutions like mewing. Mewing is a practice not many know about, but it’s recently gaining traction on social media. It’s a technique that supposedly straightens teeth without visiting an orthodontist. Practitioners claim it corrects …

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