SD-Diabetes in children, child take insulin

Children with Diabetes: Dental Health Care Tips and More

Diabetes and dental health are connected. Diabetes can result in high blood sugar levels that affect your whole body, including your gums and teeth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than ten percent of Americans have diabetes. Although not many people are aware of the oral health problems associated with …

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SD Energy Drinks

What You Should Know About the Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are popular among young people these days, and most drink them for a much-needed energy boost to get through the day, especially when they have a lot going on. However, they are not as good for the body as they claim to be. Here’s what you need to know about the dangers of …

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SD-Bottle of essential oil with herbs

Essential Oils For Dental Health

People are increasingly adopting a clean lifestyle and avoiding chemical-based products in favor of those made from natural ingredients. Some antibacterial drugs used to treat oral health problems can cause side effects like diarrhea and vomiting. The resistance against these drugs is also increasing; many see essential oils as an alternative. Essential oils have been …

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SD-Tooth on a coffee beans

Cosmetic Dentistry: Foods and Drinks To Avoid

Some people have beautiful smiles the day they are born. Others, however, may need a bit of help. Cosmetic dentistry is a wide range of procedures that dentists offer to help patients achieve beautiful smiles. These procedures can make a dramatic difference to your appearance, which you can easily see in cosmetic dentistry before and …

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SD-Male in bed with sleep apnea disorder

Does Mouth Taping For Sleep Apnea Work?

Do you snore or often wake up with a parched mouth? Have you ever typed “How to stop mouth breathing at night” into your search bar? Then, mouth taping might just be the help you need. Mouth taping is becoming a popular home treatment that encourages nose breathing while you sleep. Some people also do …

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