5 Tips to Help Kids Enjoy Braces

Despite being well-known that kids hate going to the dentist, studies show that 70% of children like visiting the dentist. However, getting braces for children is different from a simple visit to the dentist.

About five million Americans under the age of 18 wear braces and undergo dental treatment. Although it is not a major procedure, getting children’s braces can be stressful for your kid. That’s why it is essential to prepare your children for braces and help them enjoy the experience.

Here are five tips to prepare your kids for braces:

1. Talk to Them About What To Expect in the Dentist’s Office

By simply talking to your child about the different orthodontic treatment options, you can take their mind away from their stressful experience. Ask them what color they want their braces to be and if they know why they need them.

It would be best to let your child ask you their own questions and voice their concerns about the treatment. Always reassure them, especially if they are skeptical about the procedure. Although it is recommended that children and teenagers have metal braces to correct the bite and alignment of their teeth, it is still important for your kid to know and understand everything about kid’s braces.

2. Stack Up On Soft Food

Given that having braces fitted will make it uncomfortable, and a little painful to eat, stacking up on soft food is the best first step. While your kid has their braces fitted, you can go grocery shopping and buy foods like pasta, ice cream, soup, rice, bananas, mashed potatoes, and yogurt.

Ensure that your home is filled to the brim with soft food to prepare for your child’s transition.

3. Make Sure You Have Orthodontic Wax

The first few weeks after your child gets fitted with braces, it is expected that they feel a bit of irritation and soreness in their mouth. Although the dentist will guarantee the irritation will eventually fade away once the teeth have adjusted to the metal, having orthodontic wax can help relieve the pain.

Orthodontic wax is a substance used to form a layer around the brackets; this will reduce the rubbing of metal on the insides of your child’s mouth. You can get it for free from your dentist, but it is better to buy some yourself to guarantee you will never run out of orthodontic wax.

4. Focus the Positives

Children’s braces only last for a couple of years, but this can seem like forever if you are a child. That’s why it is essential that you focus on the best part of having braces. It would also help keep your child excited about what they have to look forward to; you can even describe to them how they will look once the braces are removed.

5. Join Them On Their Cleaning Routine

Even without braces, you must always observe your child’s oral hygiene. Having braces, however, requires more attention and maintenance. Joining your child’s cleaning routine can be a fun activity while making sure they are doing what they need to maintain good oral hygiene.

Braces can sometimes be hard to maintain. That’s why you have to enforce the fun to make it bearable. While it might be fun for the first few days, the adjustment period for your child will be a hard one. Keep them excited about what to expect to keep on doing everything they can to become comfortable and learn to live with it.

Fun Facts About Braces For Kids

  • Braces can be invisible: Some braces can be fitted behind the teeth, not to be seen. Some braces can be worn like mouth guards but are clear.
  • Your child can customize them: Based on the kid’s choice, the color of the rubber bands can be changed and even mix-and-matched to reflect their preference and personal style.
  • A unique way to floss: A dentist can show your kid how to floss their teeth in a special way without using a thread. With a flosser that is specialized for braces, they can reach all the corners of their mouth successfully.

When Do Kids Get Braces?

You may be asking yourself, at what age do kids get braces? The treatment must begin when a child has lost most of their baby teeth and begins to grow the majority of their permanent teeth between the ages of 8 and 14.

Having braces fitted is always an unforgettable experience for each child. That’s why you need to find the best dentist to take care of your kid. Sunrise Dentistry practices holistic dentistry in Durango, CO. We have experienced and well-trained dentists that will be able to fit your child’s braces with ease safely. Visit our website for more information and contact us now!