7 Fun Facts About Your Teeth – Infographic

Teeth! Most of us take them, and our oral health for granted. Teeth are one of the most neglected parts of the human body. We use them every day to speak, eat, and drink.  Yet, a lot of us still don’t take proper care of our pearly whites. We created this Infographic from Sunrise Dentistry to bring a little fun back to the topic of those chompers of yours!  Today we’re going to share 7 Fun Facts about your teeth that you probably didn’t know. Love your teeth and they will love you back. If you want to improve your teeth as well as your overall oral and whole body health Sunrise Dentistry in Durango and Mancos is here to help you decide on the best holistic approach for your needs. “We are committed to the highest quality dental care possible, while always keeping in mind the larger context, the interrelated organic systems within the body that dental care is inseparably part of.”