A Guide to Baby Tooth Extraction

A child losing their first tooth is an exciting milestone in the life of most parents. Most baby teeth come out on their own, making it easier for everyone involved. However, there are times when some baby teeth might need a little help to fall out. In cases like these, you might need some help for your child’s baby tooth extraction. This is because the baby teeth might remain for too long and present problems with the eventual growth of your child’s permanent teeth.

Other Reasons for Child Tooth Extraction

Apart from the need to remove baby teeth, other circumstances might require a child tooth extraction. A few of these include when:

  1. The tooth decay becomes so bad that restoration is no longer an option
  2. The tooth is badly damaged from injury or trauma and is beyond repair
  3. There is a need to extract to prepare and make space for orthodontic treatment

These are just some of the reasons why your child might need a tooth extraction. However, baby tooth extraction is still the most common reason for a child tooth extraction.

What to Expect in a Baby Tooth Extraction Procedure

The process starts with an X-ray, to be conducted by the dentist. This will help in determining what type of procedure needs to be done.

Oftentimes, baby tooth extraction is just a simple extraction involving the pulling of a baby tooth, which can clearly be seen in the mouth using a device called the “elevator.” The elevator will loosen the tooth so that the dentist can use forceps to extract it. This procedure only requires a local anesthetic.

In cases where a more serious method of extraction is needed, such as when the tooth is embedded in or partially covered by the jawbone, a surgical extraction may be done. This can also be performed with local anesthetic and nitrous oxide. Whatever the case may be, your dentist can advise you on which baby tooth extraction procedure will be the right one for your child.

Preparing Your Child for Baby Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be an anxious moment for both the parents and the child, but more especially for the latter. However, that should not be the case. To help your child feel less anxious, make sure that you prepare them and give a reasonable explanation of what to expect. Since you’re dealing with a child, make sure to do this in a way that would encourage them rather than scare them. This is because the first thing that a child will probably ask you is, “does baby tooth extraction hurt?” Most parents don’t know what to answer because they either don’t want to lie to their kids or they don’t want to give their kids the wrong expectation.

In cases like this, it is best to be honest with your child. Tell your child that he will probably feel a bit of discomfort. Then, what you can do is to find a dentist who specializes in handling baby tooth extraction for children. This way, they can help in making the procedure less painful and uncomfortable for your child.

Baby Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After the baby tooth extraction, your child may experience some bleeding, and the gauze needs to be changed every around 20 minutes until the bleeding stops. The extraction area might also be swollen, which can cause discomfort. To help with this, you may apply a cold compress and ice the swollen area for around 20 minutes. If your child experiences pain, ask the doctor what medication can be used to alleviate this. Further, as much as possible, let your child chew only soft food for about one to two days after the extraction.

Look for the Right Dentist for Your Child

Children, unlike adults, require more patience when it comes to dental procedures. They can move a lot and are more intolerant when it comes to pain. As such, it is important that you find a dentist who is patient and can be gentle with your child. This will help your child to be more comfortable and also minimize the risk of injury. At Sunrise Dentistry, we offer holistic dentistry in Durango, CO. Our professionals are ready and committed to helping you and your child perfect your oral health. Should your child need a baby tooth extraction, our dentists will be more than willing to accommodate you! Give us a call today!