SD Why Is Dental Care Important for Older Adults

Why Is Dental Care Important for Older Adults?

The tooth enamel wears away as people age. This makes teeth vulnerable to different dental conditions, such as cavities and decay. For that reason, proper dental care should be taken seriously by older adults. When neglected, overall health and quality of life will be negatively affected. Due to the reasons mentioned, there is no doubt …

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SD Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Dental Care

Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric dental care is essential to keep your child’s oral health in tip-top shape from infancy through adolescent years. A lot of parents mistake falling teeth as something not to be concerned about, which is why most of them take their children to general or family dentists. However, pediatric dentistry is a recognized, age-defined specialty …

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SD Children with Diabetes - Dental Health Care Tips and More

Children with Diabetes: Dental Health Care Tips and More

Parents of children with disabilities often focus on the disability itself, forgetting the other aspects of their child’s health. As a parent, it is crucial to take a closer look at your child’s overall dental health to avoid severe dental issues in the future. For parents of diabetic children, it can be difficult to balance …

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SD Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dentist

Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dentist

Your family’s health is your number one priority, so you must have scheduled regular checkups for your entire family, including your kids. Although some families prefer to have a general health practitioner for their whole family, some choose to have a pediatrician for their children. This concept can also be applied to dental care. Although …

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SD 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby Teeth

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby Teeth

What are baby teeth? As defined in the dictionary, baby teeth, otherwise known as milk teeth, primary teeth, or deciduous teeth, are the first teeth in human growth and development. Parents celebrate this developmental milestone with excitement. Taking care of baby teeth is the starting point of good dental hygiene. If a parent failed to …

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SD Facts and Tips Dry Mouth

Facts and Tips: Dry Mouth

All of us have surely experienced having a dry mouth at some point in our lives. In fact, dry mouth is one of the most common oral health problems. Unfortunately for some, dry mouth has become a chronic problem that affects several aspects of their daily lives. Apart from its obvious physical effects, dry mouth …

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SD Dental First Aid Kit Importance and Tips

Dental First Aid Kit: Importance and Tips

In almost every home, there is a first aid kit kept in a safe place for emergencies. We want to keep our families safe all the time, but what about dental first aid kits? Tooth trauma and emergencies are just as important as any other physical emergency you may experience. If a dental emergency happens …

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SD 8 Tips for Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

8 Tips for Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

Our teeth are covered with a strong coating of enamel, which plays a critical role in protecting them from cavities and discomfort. And although it’s one of the hardest substances in the human body, our enamel is pretty fragile. Several things, from the food we eat to the amount of force we exert when brushing, …

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SD Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental care during pregnancy is not just an option; it’s a must. During this period, women are more prone to oral diseases that can affect their child’s growth. Poor dental care can lead to premature births and relatively unfortunate health conditions compared to those from a parent with healthy oral care. One of the prevalent …

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SD Is Milk Good for Teeth

Is Milk Good for Your Teeth?

Growing up, are given lots of factoids about the importance of calcium in our diet. Anything high in calcium is good for our bones, including our teeth. One of the best sources of calcium is milk. Is milk good for teeth? The answer is yes. Women, in general, need sufficient amounts of milk. Women who …

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