How Soda and Juice Affect Your Toddler’s Teeth

Children ages one to five years old are more likely to experience tooth decay since their teeth are weaker than adults. Another reason their teeth decay at an early stage is because parents tend to give toddlers many sweets—candies, lollipops, gums, and whatnot.

Sodas and juices are also some of the things that parents usually give toddlers, and knowing how these two types of beverages affect toddler’s teeth is an important topic to talk about.

Many parents have been asking questions such as “Is orange juice bad for kid’s teeth?” or “Is Coke good for my kid’s teeth?” and many more. Well, let us find out the answer together.

Both Soda and Fruit Juice Contain Sugar

Children’s teeth decay faster because the bacteria present in their mouths use sugar as a source of food to produce energy; this leads to the release of acids.

After the release of acids, minerals begin to break down. This breakdown of minerals the minerals found in the teeth is an essential tissue called enamel—this is the outer protective layer of teeth.

Without the enamel protecting them, tooth decay and other issues may occur. So, it is crucial that you, as a parent, consider the composition of a beverage first before giving it to your child.

Both Soda and Fruit Juice Contain High Levels of Acidity

Since acid is not suitable for toddler’s teeth, drinking both soda and fruit juice is a big no for children. As mentioned above, acid is present in the mouth after breaking down sugar, so additional acid from soda and fruit juice can cause severe tooth problems.

One of the most common sodas present during meals is Coca-Cola — this is third on the list of most acidic sodas. So, parents should avoid coke to keep toddler teeth in tip-top shape.

Frequently, parents say that fruit juice is healthy for toddlers. Well, that is true. However, it is not beneficial for their teeth, especially juices from citrus fruits. So, if you are going to ask us the question, “Is lemon bad for my kid’s teeth?” the answer is yes. Parents should also avoid oranges and limes as much as possible.

How You Can Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

As a parent, you can prevent dental problems from occurring. Of course, you can always choose to seek help from professionals, but remember that everything starts at home. Here are two simple things that you may want to consider doing:

Avoid Giving Them Unhealthy Foods and Beverages

It is no secret that kids love sweets, sodas, and juices. However, those are proven to cause dental problems in the long run. Furthermore, dentists do not encourage parents to give junk food to their children since it is also proven detrimental to a toddler’s dental health.

The good thing is that you can encourage them to eat healthy food by being creative in presenting it to them. You can look for different plating styles on the internet, so it may entice your child to eat what is best for them.

Brush Their Teeth Twice a Day

Avoiding foods and beverages that might cause damage to your child’s teeth is not enough. It would be best if you were to consider other things such as knowing how to brush a toddler’s teeth and teaching your child how to brush their teeth as well.

Make sure that you give your child a fun experience while brushing their teeth. You may let them watch tutorial videos with songs, or you can create your own song to catch their attention.

Consider Visiting a Dentist

Keeping toddlers’ mouths clean will make them less susceptible to dental problems such as tooth decay, early tooth loss, gum diseases, and many more. Also, you may consider visiting a dentist to have your child’s teeth monitored regularly.

There is nothing better than having experts monitor your child’s teeth. If anyone knows what is best for toddler’s teeth, it would be dentists as they spent years learning everything about teeth.

Understand the Importance of Taking Care of Toddler Teeth

Despite toddler teeth being temporary, you should still take care of them. As early as possible, parents should teach their toddlers how to take care of their teeth to develop good habits when they grow up.

Suppose you want to learn more about taking good care of a toddler’s teeth, care tips, and dental services our dentists offer. Consider visiting us at Sunrise Dentistry. You and your child will surely enjoy the best holistic dentistry in Durango, CO.