SD How to Deal with A Loose Tooth

How to Deal with a Loose Tooth

Losing teeth is something we all have to go through as children, even as we transition to our teenage years. However, even if it’s common and expected, children still have different feelings about this rite of passage to adulthood. Some feel scared, others excited, and there are also those who feel uncomfortable. Some teeth may easily fall off while, others might be too stubborn. So, parents are often unsure about how to stop a wobbly tooth. Should they try to extract it, or should they just wait and let it fall off by itself?

Why Does My Child Have Loose Teeth?

Normally, children start to lose their teeth at the age of six or seven because their permanent teeth are starting to come out. Usually, the ones that come loose first are the incisors or the middle teeth in the front. These are followed by the molars at the back by ages 10 to 12, and you can expect your child to have a complete set of permanent teeth at the age of 13.

At this stage in a child’s dental journey, parents should be there to look after their children. Sometimes, they can become so eager to remove their teeth and place it under their pillow for the tooth fairy, so you should always be there to make sure that everything is all right.

What to Do with a Loose Tooth

Some teeth fall out easily. However, the problem arises with stubborn teeth, which may be wobbly already but don’t want to fall off on their own. Here are a few home remedies for a loose tooth that you can do.

1. Don’t force it.

Not all teeth fall out instantly. While the teeth may be wobbly, it might not be the right time for it to fall out completely. The best thing to do is to wait for it to fall out naturally. Trying to extract it could cause unnecessary pain and discomfort, as this might affect sensitive roots in your child’s teeth. Over time, because of the wiggling, it will eventually fall off by itself.

2. Don’t panic when you see blood.

The presence of a little blood when your teeth fall our naturally is common. All you have to do is to ask your child to rinse it off with water. The same may not be said when you remove the teeth forcefully and prematurely. More blood with come out in this case compared to when it falls naturally. However, there is no cause for alarm, as such bleeding will also eventually stop. If your child becomes faint at the sight of blood, keep an eye on them and sit them down so they don’t fall and hurt themselves.

3. Continuing brushing and flossing.

Even if your child has lost a tooth, brushing and flossing should not stop. Conversely, since your child is starting to get permanent teeth, it is the best time to teach your child to brush and floss on their own, although you might still want to supervise them. Instilling this daily routine will help them to make sure that their new permanent teeth will grow in strong.

4. A cold compress can help.

Another good loose tooth remedy is applying a cold compress. Once your child’s tooth falls off, a feeling of soreness might follow. Applying a cold compress using an ice pack can numb the area and lessen the feeling of discomfort.

5. Make the experience memorable for your child.

Some children do not find the experience of losing a tooth as something worth looking forward to. If that becomes the case, it might be harder to deal with it next time. As such, try your best to make it a fun and exciting moment for your child. Children often believe in the tooth fairy, and this is something you can use to motivate them. Let your child excitedly put their tooth under their pillow and exchange it with a small amount of money. If your child would wake too easily to sneak money under their pillow, designate a special cup or box to be left elsewhere, like a windowsill in the kitchen.

6. Consult your dentist.

While a loose tooth is perfectly normal, there is no harm in making sure that your child’s dental health is perfect. Instead of trying to forcefully remove wobbly teeth, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with us at Sunrise Dentistry! We offer holistic dentistry in Durango, CO and can take care of your loose tooth problems as well as other concerns about oral health.

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