Toothbrush Storage: Tips and Ideas

Before we go about our daily tasks and responsibilities, the first thing we do is go to the bathroom to wash our face and brush our teeth. These two activities are done out of habit, that’s why we place our toothbrush and face wash on the places we can easily reach like the sink or the medicine cabinet.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much germs and bacteria your toothbrush gets everyday from the floating particles in your bathroom? Having a clean toothbrush storage spot is important to protect your toothbrush from any dust and germs, and eventually, protect you and your family from sickness that can be caused by unknown bacteria.

It is recommended to clean the toothbrush after every use. Rinse all the residue, shake off all the excess water, and store it upright on its own cup to avoid touching other toothbrushes. The best way to store your toothbrush is in an open space and expose it to some air or sunlight in order to dry naturally. A closed container encourages moisture that will eventually cause growth of microorganisms in your toothbrush.

Here are some things you need to remember when considering how to store your toothbrush at home:

1. Avoid Laying Your Toothbrush Flat

Shaking your toothbrush after use is a good practice to get rid of all the excess water, but laying it flat on the counter will allow the remaining water to pool at the bottom of the bristles and create an environment for bacteria to grow. By using a cup as a toothbrush storage, you can prevent all of that from happening and will keep your toothbrush dry and clean for your next use.

2. Avoid Storing Your Toothbrush Near the Toilet

Using a cup as a storage and making sure that your toothbrush isn’t touching other toothbrushes can really do your hygiene a huge favor, but is your toothbrush sitting close to the toilet? If yes, then you really have to find another place to store your brushes. Having your toothbrush close to the toilet means that the toilet water can possibly spray on your brushes every time you flush.

Studies show that toilet microorganisms can jump up to an average of 2.7 feet, so if your sink or vanity mirror is sitting too close to the toilet, you can buy a wall mounted holder to set it higher and safer from bacteria.

3. Avoid Keeping Your Toothbrush Inside the Medicine Cabinet

Keeping your toothbrush inside a closed space where no toilet water or other floating particles can get to it may sound like a good idea. But keeping your toothbrush from natural air can actually cause more harm than good. A lot of germs and bacteria can develop faster in enclosed, cold spaces than in an open storage.

You can buy a toothbrush holder to keep it outside of the medicine cabinet. The best storage you can have is a toothbrush handle above the sink, far from the toilet but still getting the natural air it needs to dry.

4. Replace Your Toothbrush Every 3-4 Months

It is never recommended to stick to one toothbrush for more than 4 months. Your toothbrush must be replaced by a brand new one every once in a while to avoid excessive bacteria buildup in its bristles. Plus, a brand new toothbrush will make you feel one hundred percent better about maintaining good hygiene.

Aside from toothbrush storage, there are also some aspects of your toothbrush you need to focus on and take good care of. Here are some additional tips to level up your toothbrush hygiene:

  1. Never share your toothbrush with another person as this may lead to transmission of diseases and bacteria
  2. Rinse your toothbrush and shake it well after use. Make sure that there are no remaining food particles, excess water, or toothpaste
  3. Never let the toothbrush heads touch. The best way to store your toothbrush is to have separate holders for each one, at least half an inch apart
  4. Avoid using disinfectants and sanitizers for your toothbrush. Soaking your toothbrush in a disinfecting solution or mouthwash will just encourage cross contamination
  5. Avoid using other devices to sanitize your toothbrush such as microwaves, dishwashers, or ultraviolet sanitizing devices

In an attempt to keep their toothbrush clean, some people tend to overdo it and end up trying all the incorrect fads and wrong procedures with their toothbrush storage and sanitation. In order to be sure that you are doing the right thing to keep your toothbrush clean at all times, you can consult a dentist and learn all the things you can do to keep your toothbrush spotless and clean.

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