Holistic Dentistry

Very Best Care, Whole-Body Health, and Mercury-Free

There is a lot to be said for the practice of holistic dentistry in Durango. In this fast-paced age of specialization, we tend to view dimensions of our health separately. We see a dentist for our teeth, a podiatrist for our feet, and other particular practitioners for specific aspects or parts of our body. While there is value in narrowing focus to a specific detail or system in the body, often what is lost is the interrelated whole. Our teeth do not exist separately from our digestion, our skeletal system, or our entire cellular environment. Each sub-system is an integral part of the whole. Affect one area and you affect everything. Sometimes these effects are subtle and we might not be fully aware of them as they progress, but they are always operating, adjusting, and changing in every moment of our lives.

So we view the foundation of dental health as a complete part of whole body health. For instance, making a change in diet and exercise can have a dramatic effect on the incidence of tooth decay. This principle also flows in the other direction: address and clear up inflammation or an infection in the teeth and this directly affects the organ systems, digestion, and the general condition of the whole body.

It is with this holism in mind that we practice modern dental care. We consider every procedure we offer and material we use from the perspective of how it will beneficially and sometimes stressfully affect the whole body. In this way we can maximize the health benefits and minimize the impact of dental procedures. We can recommend Biocompatibility testing to determine the materials most compatible with each individual. We can also recommend vitamins and minerals that can help support a more vibrant recovery. We take specific care to reduce the stress some people feel around dental work.

We are committed to the highest quality dental care possible, while always keeping in mind the larger context, the interrelated organic systems within the body that dental care is inseparably part of.

We also work closely with numerous other health practitioners who are like-minded in understanding how often dental health affects your overall health and happiness. We would be happy if you would consider us your holistic dentist in Durango, Colorado.