Implant Restorations

SD Implant on upper teeth in patient

Chew, Gnash, and Chomp Comfortably with Dental Implants!

Do you have missing teeth that you want to replace, but are unsure of what treatment method to use? Consider implant restoration!
When replacing one or more teeth, dental implant restoration services have several advantages compared to traditional alternatives like dentures. They are an excellent choice if you want to restore your mouth’s full functionality while keeping your smile looking youthful.
Whatever reason you lost your teeth, we have a solution to suit your unique needs. At Sunrise Dentistry, we are proud to offer a variety of tooth restoration procedures, including dental implants.

Why Are Dental Implant Restoration Services Right for You?

Dental Implants Are Designed to Last

The best thing about dental implants is that they are meant to last. These titanium rods are secured into your jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root structure. It creates a strong bond, and with good oral hygiene, it can actually last a lifetime. Imagine, you only have to spend for an implant restoration once, and you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of your life!
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SD Healthy Implants

They Are Healthy

When you are missing a tooth, your jawbone will soon start to shrink. Since dental implants are screwed directly into your jawbone, they imitate your tooth’s natural roots, which will help prevent bone deterioration.

Dental Implants Are Immovable

If you want a full mouth restoration service, which is much more comfortable and convenient than dentures, go for dental implants. These are not removable and will not shift or move at any time while you are wearing them, even when you’re eating or talking. You can freely enjoy all of your favorite foods and treats without worrying about them falling out.
SD Removable implants
SD Protect Teeth Implants

They Protect Your Teeth and Give You a More Confident Smile

People who are missing just one or a few teeth may consider getting a bridge. However, it requires altering the adjacent healthy teeth to fit the anchoring crowns. They will be drilled down. With dental implants, though much more expensive, only the space of the missing tooth or teeth will be treated, keeping all adjacent, healthy teeth intact.
Implants, together with good-looking crowns to cover them, are the best alternative you can get for natural teeth. They also function like real teeth! Most of our patients that got implant restorations remark on how much the procedure has restored their confidence and self-esteem, which made them more sociable and happier overall!

The Procedure

Most dental implant restoration procedures start in a similar fashion, regardless of the number of teeth being replaced. To get this type of service, you need to have healthy adjacent teeth and gums. Patients with active periodontal diseases are not good candidates, as the implants will be anchored by the jawbone and gums. Our dentists can tell if this procedure will work for you or not.
You will then need to undergo surgery. A metal rod, usually titanium, will be placed into your gums and jaw. This will serve as the anchor for a crown or bridge for complete restoration.
Your first step to better oral hygiene and dental health is being seen by a knowledgeable, experienced, and caring dentist who can make a good treatment plan based on your needs and budget. Are you ready to take charge of your oral health through implant restoration? Come see us at our dental office to discover the options available to you. Give us a call so we can set an appointment at a convenient time for you. We’ll give you a second chance to have the smile you truly deserve!
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