Mercury-Free Dentistry in Durango, CO

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Mercury-free dentistry is a safer and healthier alternative to toxic amalgam fillings.

A century ago, the discovery of amalgam fillings changed the way dentists treated tooth decay. Before fillings, patients were at greater risk of losing teeth because it was either extraction or risk of infection. Amalgam fillings, which consist of nearly 55% mercury and a mixture of copper, silver, tin, or zinc, were proven to be effective in halting the spread of bacterial decay in teeth. They are also very easy to use, manipulate, and harden. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that mercury, a neurotoxin, can pose serious threats to a person’s health.

Depending on the amount of intake and individual factors, mercury fillings, in worst-case scenarios, may affect vision and behavior. Muscular weakness and distortion in nerve responses may likewise occur. Because of these risks, the WHO has suggested banning the use of amalgam fillings. Modern research in dentistry has since focused on better and safer techniques to treat cavities, such as mercury-free dentistry.

At Sunrise Dentistry, we want to offer our patients safer options that will benefit not only their oral health but also their entire well-being. We prioritize Durango mercury-free dentistry for many reasons.

Why Choose Our Mercury-Free Dentistry Service?

A Safer and Healthier Option

We offer durable filling options that are safe to use. Our fillings are free from harmful chemicals that can potentially affect a patient. We use composite resin and glass ionomers, which are not only healthier but also safer for the environment. The adverse effects of mercury go beyond just a human patient; during and after the procedure, mercury can easily find its way into the water system. In this way, it can contaminate public water sources.

Mercury fillings are far from the best option for pregnant women. Evidence showed that it could even cause perinatal death. With our mercury-free dentistry in Durango, CO, we can treat just about everyone!

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Effective, Durable, and Natural Looking

The work of our mercury-free dentists looks good and lasts long. We reinforce our fillings with other strong materials that allow them to remain attractive and resilient for years to come. Both composite resin and glass ionomer fillings require less removal of the tooth structure, making it look more natural. They are tooth-colored and less noticeable, thereby making them perfect for cosmetic reasons.

Also, these fillings that we offer at our mercury-free dentistry service do not crack teeth. They are strong but also have malleable properties like bones. They can take the pressure and not cause any harm to adjacent teeth.


Mercury-free dentists, such as our own at Sunrise Dentistry, undergo special training on how to properly remove and dispose of amalgam fillings so that neither they nor the patients are exposed to mercury. We can guarantee the safe removal of amalgam fillings (if you have any) before replacing them with our composite.

Overall, the use of mercury in different dental procedures, including fillings, can jeopardize your health. Our mercury-free dentistry in Durango, CO, makes use of equally beneficial and strong materials. We always do our best to provide our patients with the best and safest materials.

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