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To help prevent and alleviate dental problems for your family, it’s best if you use Pagosa Springs dentists who are highly trained and offer services such as teeth cleaning, extractions, teeth whitening, dentures, veneers and more.

At Sunrise Dentistry, you’ll find these services and the best dentist in Pagosa Springs. As an all-inclusive dental provider, our dentists’ Pagosa Springs office offers assistance when you or your children need professional oral health treatments. We’d like to become a familiar face when you require biannual checkups or a specialized procedure.

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We Can Track Your Dental History

Instead of using several Pagosa Springs dentists for your oral care services, it's probably easier to utilize just one Pagosa Springs dentist office. When you work with our friendly hygienists and the best dentist in Pagosa Springs, we'll be able to track your dental history and spot any problems that you currently have or provide you with ways to avoid them in the future. By going to one dentist with the whole family, you'll set a good example for your children and save time. We can compare digital x-rays from one year to another to monitor each tooth in your mouth.

Receive a Professional Dental Cleaning Twice a Year

The path to success when you're dealing with your oral health is to floss and brush your teeth regularly. This positive habit begins when you're young and can help eliminate the requirement of root canals or other dental services in the future. It also helps tremendously if you have a professional dental cleaning done twice per year. It's difficult to remove the plaque that gets concentrated between your teeth and gums, which can contain unwanted bacteria. By receiving a checkup from the best dentist in Pagosa Springs and thorough cleaning from an experienced oral hygienist, it will help make sure that bacteria are destroyed.

Providing Cosmetic Dentistry

If you're uncomfortable with having discolored teeth or teeth that are completely missing, you'll appreciate the cosmetic dentistry services that our dentists in Pagosa Springs office offers. Porcelain veneers can radically change your appearance and make you want to smile more. This procedure utilizes a porcelain shell that fits on top of disfigured teeth and looks like your other teeth so that nobody can tell you've got discolored or chipped teeth in your mouth. We also offer a teeth whitening service that can help remove stains on your teeth that have come from drinking tea or coffee. It's customized to your needs and is inexpensively priced to help fit your budget.


We know you'd rather be participating in a fun event than visiting Pagosa Springs dentists for an oral checkup or procedure. This is why we do our best to provide a comfortable setting. You have access to music, blankets and other amenities so that you can feel relaxed and safe. We have a goal of providing you with a positive experience, especially for patients who are frightened of dental treatments. If you'd like, we can offer you a medication that will help relieve your anxiety when you're having a procedure done. This should help make you feel better and provide the relaxation you need. If you'd like to work with a caring dentist who offers top-notch services, be sure to give us a call. We'd be happy to help.