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Holistic dentistry takes care of your dental needs and overall health.

When people think about proper oral care and hygiene, they assume it only prevents cavities and gum disease. However, the state of your oral health affects more than just the structures found in the mouth. It can significantly impact your overall well-being and quality of life too!

Sunrise Dentistry’s holistic dentists in Durango take on a natural approach that delves deeper to address underlying health problems. We take a unique approach, choosing holistic techniques and conservative dental treatments that consider your overall health. This extends to every aspect of our practice, from the safety of materials we use to new technology to customer service. We are the home of quality, wellness-focused general and cosmetic dentistry.

Our holistic dentist uses a combination of natural and conventional treatments to prevent, diagnose, and treat different issues affecting your mouth.

Benefits of Visiting Holistic Dentists

Traditional dentistry offers many benefits, but holistic dental care offers more. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when you visit Sunrise Dentistry’s holistic dentist:

1. Improved Overall Health

Holistic dentistry sees the mouth as an integrated part of the entire body. Our dentists practice a holistic approach where dental problems are treated as part of overall health. When you visit our holistic dentist in Durango, you’ll have a more balanced level of bacteria in your mouth and teeth, resulting in a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

2. Safety

In holistic dentistry, the use of amalgams is not encouraged. Using them doesn’t pose health hazards to some people; however, some—such as pregnant women and children—are susceptible to adverse effects when exposed to it.

Opting for dental services from our holistic dentist in Durango guarantees the use of biocompatible materials. This means that every procedure prioritizes your safety and overall wellbeing. Additionally, the environment also benefits from the removal of amalgam use.

3. High-tech Procedures

Holistic dentists provide different treatments. We focus on offering new technologies and techniques that are minimally invasive.

The modern procedures we utilize promote natural tooth maintenance. For instance, we only remove a small portion of a damaged tooth as long as it’s salvageable. Our holistic dentist maintains as many natural teeth as possible, and we strengthen and protect them from further damage.

4. Healthier Sleeping Patterns

With the help of our holistic dentists, you’ll be able to determine if you’re suffering from sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea. During your scheduled dental appointment, we will conduct diagnostic tests, assess your condition, and prescribe the most appropriate treatment options to address the problem.

Sleep apnea can lead to different complications such as memory loss, weight gain, and impaired alertness. In worst-case scenarios, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and even sudden death.

5. Fluoride-free Approach

When swallowed, fluoride comes with different health risks, such as fluorosis. This condition causes the appearance of tooth enamel to change. In holistic dentistry, you receive dental treatments that don’t involve fluoride. Instead, our holistic dentist uses safe alternatives to strengthen our patient’s teeth.

6. Effective Use of Cosmetics

Damaged, cracked, broken, crooked, or crowded teeth can make you feel self-conscious. With the help of our holistic dentist, it’s easy to achieve a bright and radiant smile. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of form and function. These two factors go hand in hand, especially when developing a long-term dental care plan.

7. Cost-effective Dental Treatment Options

Some people don’t know about this, but visiting our holistic dentist saves you money in the long run. Aside from encouraging optimal healing and optimizing your overall health, a holistic approach to dentistry pinpoints the root cause of different problems. It focuses on addressing the main sources of issues to prevent them from recurring.

With this benefit, you can expect fewer health problems, reducing the risks of surgeries and other costly treatments. In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars. The only thing you’ll have to pay for will be regular checkups to maintain good dental and overall health.

Why Choose Sunrise Dentistry?

Our office for holistic dentists holds to a higher standard than simply meeting the basic requirements. We use a combination of natural and conventional treatments to help prevent, diagnose, and treat different oral health issues. We also use the absolute safest and healthiest options available in our practice.

We believe that less is more in our dental practice.

Each of your teeth is a vital, living organ. The more work we do to them, the weaker and more traumatized they become. At Sunrise Dentistry, we emphasize prevention and early treatment; nothing can compare to your natural teeth. We find the source of any dysfunction so we can address both the cause and the symptoms of your oral health problems.

We know how teeth are connected to the rest of your body.

As dental conditions can hugely impact your overall health and well-being, we always consider the possible effect of our procedures on the rest of your body. That’s why we advocate biocompatibility testing of dental materials and refuse to use known neurotoxins like mercury amalgam when repairing damaged or decayed teeth. This is one of the most common reasons patients seek help from our holistic dentist in Durango, CO. Mercury amalgam, better known as a silver filling, contains mercury. Many countries have chosen to restrict its use in dental work, but it is still legal here in the US.

Not only do we advocate mercury-free fillings, but we also meet the standards for the safe removal of amalgam. Our holistic dentist in Durango, CO, will make sure that a patient does not have sensitivities to any of our materials. We don’t just look at teeth. We look at the bigg picture.

Holistic Dentistry Patient

We invest in new technologies.

Incredibly sharp images from digital X-rays provide our holistic dentist in Durango, CO, a leg up in planning complex treatments and in monitoring the health of a patient’s mouth. The clearer these images are, the more accurate the work can be. Because the images produced are high definition, we rarely have to retake them. We also feel that patients should never be overly exposed to radiation, which is another advantage of digital X-rays.

We cultivate a warm and welcoming environment.

For many patients, the thought of visiting a holistic dentist can be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We aim to make every visit as relaxing and stress-free as possible for our patients by providing a comfortable environment with welcoming staff.

We educate our patients on proper dental care.

Part of our holistic approach is educating our patients on the proper diet, taking vitamins and minerals that can help prevent degenerative dental disease. As dedicated holistic dentists in Durango, we will explain how modifying your diet can help secure healthy teeth and gums. We’ll teach you how to incorporate healthier dental care practices into your daily routine.

We listen to our patients.

Our holistic dentists in Durango will provide you with information about holistic dentistry. Based on your resources, needs, and beliefs, we want you to make the best and most informed decisions about your oral health, as only you can decide which treatment plan is most suitable for you.

Our Approach

Our holistic dentists are focused on preventive care and wellness promotion. Our holistic approach includes:

  • Awareness of whole health and the interconnectedness of the human body.
  • Using safe and non-toxic materials and avoiding procedures that will be detrimental to a patient.
  • Considering all factors that may affect a patient’s health, including lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional wellness.
  • Using minimally invasive techniques to preserve teeth structures and minimize patient discomfort.
  • Customized treatment plans, as every patient is unique and has different needs
  • Quality care in a warm and welcoming environment

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