12 Celebrities Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Even people in the limelight have gotten their fair share of cosmetic dentistry services.

Some celebrities were not blessed with a great set of teeth. With most of their lives in front of cameras, a procedure or two is necessary, so they’re always camera-ready. If you’re still on the fence about the idea of getting a procedure done, perhaps knowing celebrities who have had cosmetic dentistry may help you decide.

12 Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Dentistry

The stars you adore in movies once had imperfect teeth. Sunrise Dentistry has gathered famous Hollywood celebrities who have had their teeth aligned, whitened, or fixed. Find out who among them has gotten cosmetic dentistry procedures.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise starred in Mission Impossible, Top Gun, and Risky Business. He has undergone many cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Since then, the actor has flaunted picture-perfect teeth in Hollywood.

2. Zac Efron

The High School Musical star had imperfect teeth before becoming a Hollywood heartthrob. He sported a gap-tooth and uneven teeth before going to the dentist. Efron has gotten his teeth straightened and whitened. Today, he’s more swoon-worthy than ever.

3. Beyonce

Yes, even Queen B herself has gone to a family and cosmetic dentistry provider. The Hollywood star has worn braces and had them removed in 2011. Beyonce did this to support young people wearing braces and to perfect her near-perfect smile.

4. Hillary Duff

The Disney child star turned singer had less-than-perfect teeth when she started. When she became a performer, the actress/singer chipped her tooth on a microphone. Instead of having the chipped tooth fixed, she went all in and invested in dental veneers. Big thanks to cosmetic dentistry procedures for Hillary’s beautiful smile.

5. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been a favorite among tabloids; he knows the value of a great smile. Before landing high-profile roles, Ben Affleck had buck teeth that he had fixed in his mid-30s. After some cosmetic dentistry procedures, he achieved his million-dollar pearly whites.

6. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, the TV personality known for being one of America’s Got Talent judges, is no stranger to cosmetic dentistry services. He has been vocal about going to the dentist for procedures like teeth whitening and dental veneers. Simon’s so open about it to the point that he thanked his dentist during his acceptance speech in the National Television Awards in 2010.

7. Miley Cyrus

The Hollywood actress is known for her role as Hannah Montana. Miley used to have crooked teeth, which seemed to fit since she plays a teenager on the show. As she blossomed in the industry, she wanted to create a new image. After her Disney Channel stint, the actress has undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening and straightening.

8. Celine Dion

The actress, singer, and songwriter is undeniably one of the greatest singers of all time. However, Celine Dion also consulted a family and cosmetic dentistry provider. Celine had “vampire teeth” because of her elongated canines; she also had big front teeth. As she got more popular, she decided to have her teeth fixed. Big thanks to her dentist; the star now has whiter, straighter, and smaller teeth.

9. Jim Carrey

The Hollywood actor is known for his comedic roles and interpretations. In the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” he showcased his chipped front teeth that he had since concealed with a tooth bonding procedure. Sometimes, he still displays his flawed teeth for entertainment.

10. Morgan Freeman

The seasoned actor’s teeth have yellowed with age. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry services, the former glory of his teeth have been restored. Morgan Freeman also had his gap tooth fixed; the change in his smile made him look better and younger.

11. Cher Lloyd

The X-Factor alumna became famous for her pitch-perfect voice; however, her teeth were far from perfect. A magazine interview revealed that the singer hated her smile and that her old set of teeth made her look like a rabbit. Cher Lloyd had her gap tooth filled, and her teeth brightened.

12. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Hollywood actress has beauty, talent, and a great set of teeth. She said she got teased for having crooked teeth when she was young. Catherine wore braces in her teenage years. She also had other cosmetic dentistry procedures to whiten and straighten her teeth. Talk about perfect for the big screen, right?

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