Here’s Why You Should Choose Mercury-free Dentistry Services

You have the right to choose what is safe for your health, including your oral health.

In these modern times, we are unaware of our constant exposure to harmful chemicals. With all the products that may look effective and unique at first, it is easier for us to go with the flow without checking labels and making sure the components used are proven safe.

Keeping this trend in mind, you might be concerned about the content of dental fillings, a common restorative solution we still use today.

Based on an FDA report, “silver fillings,” more commonly known as amalgams, contain 50% mercury by weight. Although amalgams are seldom used today, some dental clinics still use them in their dental fillings due to their low cost and high malleability. However, there have been many concerns regarding its potential health risks due to its high mercury content. Dentists worldwide are now quick to promote mercury free fillings as a safer option for their patients and the environment.

Sunrise Dentistry specializes in mercury free dentistry. We care about our patients’ dental health and their entire well-being. We are also aware of the dangers of mercury as a material for dental fillings and other restorative options. We encourage everyone to support mercury free dentists in their area.

Here’s a quick overview of amalgam fillings and their side effects to give you an idea about mercury free dentistry.

Why Is Mercury Present in Amalgam Fillings?

An amalgam is a mix of elemental liquid mercury and alloy powder. Mercury’s unique properties allow it to bind and react well with silver, copper, and tin, making amalgams more durable.

Your choices and your dentist’s recommendations should be your basis in choosing materials for your dental fillings. In making these decisions, keep in mind that mercury dental fillings have side effects.

Mercury Dental Fillings Side Effects

1. Release of Mercury Vapors

Amalgams are unstable once placed on teeth, releasing low levels of mercury as vapors. Once the body is exposed and absorbs mercury, it accumulates and inflicts increasing harm and leads to severe brain, lungs, and kidney diseases.

2. Neurotoxic Effects on Pregnant Women and Young Children

Clinical data that proves the long-term effects of mercury exposure on pregnant women does not exist; however, it still poses a greater health risk to fetuses and young children, who are sensitive to the neurotoxic effects of mercury vapor.

A study about the effect of mercury exposure on children’s health showed children who accidentally ingested mercury experienced tremors. Developing fetuses exposed to mercury vapor are born with damaged neurological systems.

3. Allergic Reactions

Individuals who are allergic to mercury can develop symptoms that are fatal when not addressed quickly. Aside from mercury, some people are allergic to silver, copper, or tin, the other components of amalgam fillings.

Benefits of Mercury Free Dentistry

If you are concerned about the risk of mercury exposure from dental amalgam, you should consider mercury free dentistry. The removal of amalgam use in dental services and prioritizing patients’ health is the principle of mercury free dentistry.

Choosing a mercury free dentist will allow you to enjoy the benefits of mercury free dentistry. Here are some of them:

1. Safe Solutions for Dentists and Patients

It has been proven that high amalgam exposure leads to neurological problems such as seizures, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and lupus. Symptoms may vary depending on the length of exposure and the overall health of the person. Regardless, using amalgam fillings in the workplace puts dental professionals and patients at risk of mercury exposure.

Mercury doesn’t have odor, taste, or color; dentists and patients may be absorbing mercury in their system without even knowing it. In a healthy working environment that practices mercury free dentistry, the risk of mercury exposure is little to none. Maintain your dental health safely and fearlessly with mercury free dentists you can trust.

2. More Natural Results

Restoring a natural-looking smile is the goal of restorations like dental fillings. With metal crowns or fillings, it is more evident that you got “fake” teeth. Your mercury free dentist can examine your teeth and match the color of your restoration solution to the natural color of your teeth. With this option, you can achieve more attractive mercury free fillings that blend with your smile.

3. Environment-friendly

Mercury is a serious threat to the environment, especially aquatic life when it gets into the water system. By removing mercury from dental procedures, mercury-free dentistry benefits the environment and removes the risk of mercury contaminating public water sources.

4. Access to Stronger Reliable Options

Mercury free dentists use composite dental fillings, which are more versatile and match the color of natural teeth, making them feel more real than a dental amalgam. Unlike amalgam fillings that break or shrink in time, mercury free fillings are sturdier and last for more years.

Support Mercury Free Dentists

Sunrise Dentistry is your best dentist in Durango, CO. We strive to provide patients with the safest materials. We uphold the principles of a healthy working environment that focuses on the interests of patients, dentists, and the environment.

We reinforce mercury free dentistry in our services; we believe dental work and restorations should not pose harm to your teeth and well-being. Book an appointment with us and meet our mercury free dentist who truly cares for you.