How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

Smiling has several well-documented benefits. According to research smiling exercises facial muscles, boosts your immune system, and helps you to view the world more optimistically. However, smiling might be anxiety-provoking if you feel embarrassed by your teeth due to issues like discoloration or gaps.

There’s no reason to let negative feelings destroy your self-confidence when you have the option to invest in dental veneers. These can solve both cosmetic and structural issues; however, an important question to consider when deciding whether you should get veneers is this:

How long do dental veneers last? Are veneers permanent? Is it a long-term solution for keeping a perfect smile? Let’s find out.

What Are Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells applied to your front teeth. They are often made from resin-composite or porcelain materials and placed on top of your front teeth to improve the appearance of your smile and disguise imperfections like discoloration, chips, breaks, and uneven tooth sizes.

Usually, people would only require one veneer for a broken or chipped tooth, but some cases call for six to eight veneers to achieve a more even, symmetrical set of teeth.

Types of Veneers

Do veneers last forever? It depends on the material used.

Let’s clarify some details regarding veneers, implants, and crowns. While there are several types of veneers, each one is different from dental crowns or tooth implants. Veneers only cover your tooth’s front surface, crowns enclose the entire set of teeth, and implants replace the entire tooth.

Here are some more things to know about different veneer types and their longevity.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are made of porcelain and require more time and intensive prep work than alternatives like no-prep veneers. They also involve enamel removal and grinding down tooth structures, which is irreversible and painful.

“How long do porcelain veneers last?” you may ask. This thin, translucent material is commonly used for veneers, and they last for a long time. A 2018 review revealed that these types of veneers last for a minimum of 10 years. However, it also points out the possibility of having shorter longevity due to improper dental procedure execution on the dentist’s part.

In terms of price, the Consumer Guide to Dentistry estimates the cost of porcelain veneers to be between 925 dollars to 2,500 dollars per tooth.

Composite Veneers

Like porcelain, resin-based composite is also another commonly used material for veneers. The 2018 review mentioned earlier also suggests that composite veneers may last for five years or more.

Composite veneers cost less than porcelain — specifically between 250 dollars to 1,500 dollars per tooth, as reported in the Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

No-prep Veneers

As the name implies, no-prep veneers do not need intensive prep work on your teeth before installation. Some common brands for these veneers include Vivaneers, Lumineers, and DURAthin veneers.

No-prep veneers are a less invasive way of improving your smile’s appearance. It requires minor tooth alteration that makes application faster and doesn’t take too much tooth enamel away.

For this type of veneer, the manufacturer of Lumineers mentions that no-prep veneers can last up to two decades. Other sources, however, suggest that they last for up to 10 years. In general, these types of veneers cost around 800 to 2,000 dollars per tooth.

How Long Dental Veneers Last

How long do dental veneers last? Cosmetic dentists would often receive these types of questions when discussing the dental procedure with their patients, and we’re here to answer them.

Are Veneers Permanent?

This question is commonly asked by individuals looking for a quick solution that lasts a long time. Although veneers have significantly evolved from conventional methods, each has its own lifespan.

Do Veneers Last Forever?

It’s a fact that veneers are not a permanent fix for dental concerns. Its longevity will depend on how well you maintain them after the dentist has placed them on your teeth. Dental veneers can last for years without discoloration or breakages with regular visits to your dentists and good oral hygiene.

How Long Do Veneers Last Before Replacement?

The American Dental Association explains that a dentist removes around a millimeter of enamel from your tooth to accommodate a dental veneer, making it necessary to replace them over time, especially when they get stained, chipped, or broken.
Porcelain lasts longer than composite veneers and should be replaced based on the lifespan mentioned earlier.

Maintain A Healthy Smile21

If you think veneers are for you, it’s time to consult your dentist.

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