Why Visit a Dentist During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is something that many will go through. During this time, women are more vulnerable and must take greater care of their health. Maintaining one’s health during pregnancy is ensures the health of a growing baby because any health-related issues could also have negative effects on them as well.

During pregnancy, women may become more careful about what they eat and the activities they take part in. This can include strenuous, high-impact exercises and hobbies. However, there are also those essential activities when you are pregnant like making their check-ups and eating healthy foods. For others, women often ask which ones are still safe, such as whether or not going to the dentist during pregnancy is safe.

Can pregnant women go to the dentist?

While you are probably excited and have lots to do, from medical check-ups to buying clothes for your baby, you should never forget your dental visits during pregnancy. Be sure to inform your dentist that you are pregnant or even when you are just expecting and might be. Also, inform your dentist how far along you are as well as what medications you are taking. This way, they can recommend postponing some treatments if needed.

It is perfectly safe for women to go to the dentist during pregnancy. It remains important to maintain your dental health. In fact, your dentist will not only help you with your regular dental needs but also with any pregnancy-related dental symptoms. While it does not happen to every pregnant woman, pregnancy can lead to some conditions or make existing ones worse. Below are some of the most common dental problems when pregnant.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy comes with hormonal changes. This can increase the risk of contracting gingivitis, which is the inflammation of the gums. This could lead to your gums bleeding when brushing your teeth or flossing. If you are experiencing this, schedule an appointment with your dentist because if left untreated, this could lead to more serious gum diseases later.

Increased Risk of Tooth Decay

Pregnant women crave different foods. They might eat more carbohydrates than usual or consume more sweets than before, thus increasing sugar intake and leading to tooth decay. Aside from this, vomiting associated with morning sickness increases the amount of acid in your mouth, which damages your teeth’s enamel. Your condition could also lead to skipping brushing and flossing twice a day. This can seriously affect your dental health, and falling out of these regular activities makes it hard to build the habits back up later. As such, it is important to visit your dentist during pregnancy to ensure that proactive steps can be taken to prevent this.

Gum Tumors

While these are rare, tumors may appear on your gums during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester. This may be caused by excess plaque. While it is definitely not cancerous, the swelling could easily bleed. If you are concerned about this, the best thing to do is to visit your dentist who can help you with removal.

Even though you are pregnant, you should never sacrifice your oral health, as this could have long-term consequences even after you give birth. Do not be afraid to visit your dentist during pregnancy, as they will know what is safe for you and what is not. They will always put your welfare and the welfare of your baby above all else.

Look for a holistic dentist in Durango, CO who is ready to help you with your dental needs during pregnancy. At Sunrise Dentistry, we make it our priority to keep you and your baby safe while at the same time providing the best dental services to maintain your good oral health. Visit us today for a more intimate consultation!