SD-dental xray

Normal vs. Digital X-Rays: Which Is Better?

Dentists often recommend first-time patients have an X-ray of their teeth to help them get a better picture of their patient’s oral health. They may even require you to have them more frequently if they’re monitoring your condition. You probably feel a bit unsure about the safety of frequent X-rays. If you’ve had a traditional …

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SD-woman checking her tongue

Things You Should Know About Oral Thrush

Does your mouth suddenly feel like it’s full of cotton? Have you noticed growths in your mouth that look like cottage cheese? You might have a fungal infection commonly known as oral thrush. Learn what causes oral thrush, how to treat it, and steps you can take to prevent it. What Is Oral Thrush? Thrush …

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SD-dental anxiety

What Causes Dental Anxiety and How Do You Cope With It?

Getting anxious before a dental appointment is a normal reaction, especially if you’re unsure about what will happen. However, some people feel anxiety more intensely than others, preventing them from seeking treatment. How does one handle dental anxiety, and what causes it in the first place? Keep on reading this article to find out. What …

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SD-kid at the dentist

Are Dental Sealants Good for Children’s Dental Health?

According to the CDC, cavities are one of the top problems in children’s dental health. 52% of children six to eight years old have cavities in their baby teeth, while 57% of adolescents between 12 and 19 have cavities in their permanent teeth. Flossing and brushing are the best ways to prevent cavities. However, reaching …

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